How to choose the Email Campaign Software

Like a lot of things made possible by internet marketing, email promotional campaigns can be a source of business leads like few others. Unfortunately, by not using the right email campaign software for your email marketing campaign, you may not maximize the huge time and cost saving potential of this type of software.

In the highly competitive marketplace that we find ourselves in now, you have to take advantage of every marketing opportunity available. Every dollar you spend on these efforts must pay you back many-fold or they aren’t worth the time and money spent on them. With the right email campaign software, you can put your best efforts to work for your benefit and that of your business.

Fortunately, using email campaign software available today, you can effectively manage your email marketing effectively and efficiently, from maintaining prospects to tracing all the way forward to the ultimate sale, the entire pathway from the beginning to the future of a sales relationship.

Sending out a message isn’t all there is to an email promotional campaign. There’s the management of auto responders, follow up, and closing of the sale. And with the right email marketing software, you can keep track of every step of the sales process.

Popular brands of software that can help you maximize your internet marketing efforts include:

ActiveCampaign–A popular brand of software that guides you through the complete process, from beginning to end, helping you to manage your efforts, with as much or as little hands-on time as you desire. Unlike many programs, ActiveCampaign allows you the option of using the consulting services of the vendor to augment or replace your work, maximizing their expertise as well as yours.

JangoMail–Features of JangoMail include everything from composing your email to linking your email to your mailing database, email delivery, and giving you the ability to analyze the data you send as well as receive as a result of your campaign with auto responders. JangoMail also offers a host of services in addition to their software, including 24-hour tech support, one of the most advanced personalization services available, foreign language capabilities, the ability to connect with external databases, and much more.

CampaignMonitor–Is built specifically for web designers to help their clients with email campaigns that are not only useful, but beautiful as well. CampaignMonitor helps do the work for web designers, along with packing the professional design punch that an effective campaign needs to be successful. And not only can you manage your campaign as it runs, but there’s even an option that can let you monitor what is happening with your campaign via your iPhone or other remote device.

Arial Software–If you want more than just a burst email promotion, try an e-mail in the form of a newsletter that’s sent to each recipient. That’s just one of the benefits offered by Arial Software, which offers a number of different software products that can manage your campaign, in segments or comprehensively–your choice.

From my own experience, my choice of email campaign software is Aweber. After having been swayed to try out other competitors, I decided to stay with Aweber. There are a number of reasons for this. The training videos that they provide are excellent. They help you to easily learn about some of the more advanced features of the software.

Aweber provides great support and a user-friendly interface, so it’s brilliant for beginners as well. There are unlimited auto responders, campaigns follow-ups and broadcasts allowed. It’s a great tool for building a list. But probably, the feature that I like best is the ease-of-use of its tracking facility. It enables you to check to see if your emails are being opened, and which links are actually being clicked. It’s a brilliant tool for everyone working online.

Regardless of the tool you choose, email campaign software is absolutely essential for any internet marketer or online entrepreneur who wants to semi-automate the process of bringing prospects through your sales funnel, or maintaining regular content with current clients.

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