Some  people  will  start  building  an  email  list  in  their  email account, such as Outlook. This is OK if you have only 15 or 20 people to email but when you start getting more and more

prospects this can be a big problem.

For one, if you try to email hundreds of people from your own email account you’ll most likely get flagged as a spammer. And secondly, by US Can-Spam laws you must have a way for people to unsubscribe from your emails at the bottom of every email.



THERE ARE plenty of email service providers out there in the cyber-space, but my choice is Getresponse. Here’s why:

  1. High Deliver-ability – One of the most important factors you need to consider is whether or not your emails are getting to their targeted inboxes. If they’re not, all your efforts are for nothing. Getresponse provides top-deliver-ability to its customers. They are constantly working hard to establish relationships with internet service providers so emails from Getresponse will be delivered, not diverted to the Junk Folder. Getresponse has one of the highest deliver-ability rates in the industry.
  1. Pricing – Getresponse is competitive in terms of pricing. You may be able to find less expensive options, but that lower price comes at a sacrifice in terms of deliver-ability, options, and support. At the same time, Getresponse is very affordable. You can start with a $1 trial and then continue at just $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers. With this plan you can send an unlimited number of emails per month.
  2. Emails – In Getresponse you have a number of features and options when it comes to sending emails. Most email software programs allow you to send both autoresponders and broadcasts but not many have a blog broadcast feature. Blog broadcasts makes are a way to send your latest blog updates directly – and automatically – to your subscribers. Getresponse is also up to date in terms of social media func-tions, allowing you to automatically and instantly post your emails to Twitter and/or Facebook.
  3. Templates – If you’re not a programmer (and most of us are not!) then it’s not easy to create great-looking opt-in forms or newsletters. Getresponse has a very large selection of both that you can use as-is or easily customize to fit your business.
  4. Customer Support –Getresponse’s customer support is top notch, offering phone support, live online chat, email, webinars, a free e- course, tutorials, and more. When you start to use the program there is even a set-up walk-through. If you’ve got problems or questions, there are a number of different ways to get help.
  5. Subscriber Statistics – Understanding how many new subscribers you have, where they come from, what they click on and when they unsubscribe is important to your business. Getresponse does an excellent job of subscriber management. One of the best features here is that you can send out emails to your lists separately or all at once. Even if your subscribers and on multiple lists they will only ever get one email – a great feature to save your subscribers the frus-tration of deleting multiple emails from multiple lists. You can also view detailed reports or even have them mailed to you.

CHOOSING an email service provider is an important decision. It can literally be the backbone of your online business so you’ll want  to choose wisely. The best thing to do is write down all the features YOU need for your business and then search for a program that fits those needs. In most cases it will probably be Getresponse, but no matter what you choose make sure you do it and start building your email list as soon as possible. Then you’ll be able to say what just about every profitable email list owner says at some point… “I wish I’d started building my list sooner!”

Getresponse Email Marketing Service

good and reliable autoresponder does not come easily, many are times people go around in circles searching for a software that suits them. Keep reading to learn how Getresponse email marketing services can do for your business.

First of all before we get into the nitty gritty of Getresponse email marketing services I would really like to point out how important an autoresponder is and how the significant impact such a software can bring to your business.

There are many online entrepreneurs that are having a hard time getting regular targeted traffic to their websites. Getting targeted traffic to your pages is key to any online campaign, many successful online entrepreneurs will argue that using an autoresponder can really have a profound impact on your business with regards to bringing targeted traffic to your website.

Very few people really do understand the significance of a software like Getresponse services. Having an email marketing service like Getresponse will give you a lot of power in your success.

In business you just have to work smart an email marketing service can help you get constant and regular flow of targeted traffic to your Webpages but it can also help you automate your online business giving you time to focus on other things.

It’s only through an email marketing service like Getresponse that you will be able to build an opt in list that can help you follow up with your website visitors through regular correspondence through either emails or newsletters.

I have been in the e-commerce sector for quite while to know that not many people get to buy products at their first go or visit, it’s estimated that a respective customer has to see a product for like five times for them to decide it’s okay to buy and so if you are not using an email marketing service then you might be missing out big time. Getresponse email marketing service has helped many online entrepreneurs with their online businesses as it’s only though an autoresponder that you will be able to get regular and constant targeted traffic towards your website which in turn increases sales. So tell me who doesn’t want that?

Anyone who is looking for a successful internet marketing strategy should instantly be thinking about using content to pull web surfers to their site and turn them from visitors into customers


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